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As customary as textbooks and midterm exams, college campuses across the country are also providing ample opportunity for students to get into debt. At the brink of their legal financial independence, credit card companies are now targeting university students to sign up for their enticing offers and promotions. Because they are often filled with unaware unstable students a college campus is no place for credit card companies launch a marketing campaign.

This country is dominated by the credit card industry. It has become a primary institution for debt. Despite your race, religion or creed, you are defined by your credit history, which has been meticulously equated into a number indicative of your spending habits. That number works on a sliding scale based on what you wish to borrow and depending on where your number falls on that scale, represents your financial credibility. You are either a risky or strong borrower depending on this number. To buy a home you need a FICO score of at least 500 – 520. This differs from your credit score provided by three different credit bureau agencies, giving you three different credit score numbers. A lot of people do not learn the technicalities of the credit industry until they get in trouble with it. By trouble, we are referring to debt.

Young adults pursue a college career to develop their skills and further their opportunity for a good job. Now many employers are checking the interviewee's credit history to qualify their work ethic and abilities. Student's should not be targeted and set up for potentially damaging credit issues. Although it is important to build credit for large purchases, such as a home, the marketing on campuses is doing more hard than good to American college students. Along with the credit card promos, the university should offer some sort of education on the dangers of not using credit responsibly and getting into credit card trouble. Many students are dropping out, not due to academic failure, but...