Credit Card Companies on Campuses

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Credit card companies should not be allowed to market to students, because I feel that students are aggressively marketed by credit card companies, and often get stuck with high fees, heavy interest rates and complex terms.

Secondly, I do not think that children 18-20 are responsible enough to withstand the challenges of a credit card. They think that it is instant and easy money, and they don’t have to worry about the payments, that their parents will do so for them.

When you look at all the facts you will see that young adults that don’t go to college are not given the opportunity to get a credit card unless they are working full time, and I believe that this should be the way also for college students. With all the frivolous spending that they do and all the partying it is very important that we take matters in our own hands and limit credit cards to college student. They need to show that they are responsible enough to make the payment and pay the balance off in full every month.

I went straight to working after graduating from high school, and therefore, I didn’t have the credit cards thrown at me, but once I applied for my very first credit card, I was denied for lack of credit history. This is like a double edged sword, I was single and straight out of high school, went to work full time , and was still denied, whereas you have those that went straight to college, and were given several opportunities to receive credit cards, no work history, and no credit history. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

In closing, I feel that with increase credit card debt comes health related issues as well, the stress level becomes extremely high with some students as they begin to wonder how they will pay their credit card debt when the time comes. We should be able to prove our credit worthiness, and not base it on the fact that we have graduated from high school, and now we are beginning a new chapter in life as a college student with...