Credit Card Companies Should Not Be on College Campus

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Title: Credit Card Companies Should Not Be On College Campus


Course Name: COM/172

Date: March 31, 2011


Credit Card Companies Should Not Be On College Campus

Credit card companies have made a business out of having college students as clients. These companies have done their research on how to market to college student, taking into account the lack of knowledge they have in managing their finance. Most of the students handle it correctly, but quite a few fall into debt. This is primarily because many students do not have knowledge about the consequences of not paying the debt on time. They have no consideration about the consequences of high debt for these customers. The ethical conflict of the sale of easy credit to college students too often results in hazardous outcomes. Credit card companies target the college students aggressively on college campuses. The idea to draw college students to sign up for a credit card with an attention grabber, a free article, or the guarantee of a huge credit limit is a bad idea and should not be allowed. Credit card companies should not be marketing college students; it is developing into a spiral effect in campuses as well.

College students are a credit card company’s prime prospect and dream come true. This is because; college students have their parents to bail them out, from the poor management of handling their credit card bill. Students have a long life ahead of them, which means interest incomes for several years. For a college student, at an age of 18 or more, credit availability is a total legal activity. Credit card companies are found at colleges and universities all around the United States. Although many colleges and universities have started to deny access to their campus, the credit card companies have devised other lucrative means to target the college students. As a result, several...