Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. Part III

Brittney Ballas

MGT 521

June 9, 2011

Dr. Linda Richert

Apple Inc. Part III

Currently, technology is trending in the global market at a rapid pace because of people’s reliability on its convenience, portability, and user-friendly efficiency. For that reason, Apple and other core competitors strive to go above and beyond to be the initial producer in the latest innovative products. Like Apple’s products, they are out to supply consumers with simplicity and industrial design with the touch of a finger. By using extensive research and development, Apple was capable of maintaining themselves through the recent recession by introducing two “must have products” the iPhone and iPad (What is the Trend Global Issues and Events, 2010). These devices have opened a whole new market for smart phones and tablet computers. Another new product Apple hopes to take control this fall is the wireless hard drive iCloud (Apple Inc., 2011). It stores the content from the iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and Mac, giving instant access to everything without synchronization. Consumers in the market today are technology savvy and want more and more no matter what the cost, but just to have the new and latest items.

Apple implements strategies and tactics that focus on providing greener products and the environment, using extensive research and development for unique products, retail in the global market, and an educated workforce to achieve their strategic goals.

Apple’s strategy is to provide greener products that are smaller, thinner, lighter, and do not contain toxic substances. They are implementing the tactic through removing all toxic substances including “arsenic, brominated flame retardants (BFRs), mercury, phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride, chlorine, and bromine” from all of their products making them safer and setting them years ahead of their competitors (Apple Inc., 2011). Energy efficiency is also part of greener products, where all of...