Saava Strategic Plan

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This document comprises a strategic plan for SAAVA ENGINEERING LTD. It reviews its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities; presents a series of fundamental statements relating to SAAVA ENGINEERING LTD's vision, mission, values and objectives; and sets out SAAVA ENGINEERING LTD's proposed strategies, goals and action programs.


Executive Summary

Saava Engineering is currently a small fish in a market dominated by several large and numerous medium-sized Electro-Mechanical companies. During the past year, Saava has felt the crunch of stiff competition. Even more exciting, preliminary forecasts show huge growth potential in an emerging market: green energy. However, in order to gain access to the forecasted growth in these markets, Saava will have to overcome challenges associated with high entry barriers, seasonal revenues and the attainment of skilled technical staff. Looking to the future, Saava has the ability to overcome these challenges and attain its vision of becoming a leading full-service Power & Electro-Mechanical company in Kenya. To facilitate the attainment of this vision, Saava has used concentric diversification and turnaround grand strategies to implement several long-term objectives and corresponding strategic initiatives that focus on the attainment of an increased market share, decreased employee turnover, increased brand recall, improved customer satisfaction, and increased job size.

Saava can and will overcome the challenges and take advantage of identified opportunities through committing 100% to the strategic actions identified throughout this plan.

Company Background

Saava was founded in 2006 as a Company limited by shares. Our head office is situated at Simco plaza on Lusaka road, industrial area, Nairobi, Kenya. We supply products, solutions and services under Civil, mechanical and electrical specialties with a strong leaning towards HVAC&R, Water, Power and Energy solutions, Telecommunication and...