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Trends Paper

American popular culture has had an impressive impact on trends. The trends established within mainstream media have affected everyone from the smallest of children to the oldest of adults. Each individual responds to the trends in different methods, and both positively and negatively. This paper will review the impact of trends in popular American culture in the areas of social, political, personal and religion.

There have been massive leaps over the years in the area of social trends. These trends primarily stem with the technological changes in the Internet. The Internet has been the main catalyst for the social trends. Social chat rooms are a norm. People from all countries are able to share information, discuss current issues and engage in general discussion on a variety of topics. Other social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also offer various mechanisms for conversation and sharing of information.

Political trends are also common in mainstream media. During the recent presidential election, several of the candidates used MySpace to announce their candidacy and to hold public meetings to discuss their stance on certain subjects. These tactics allowed the candidates to draw in more people, and eventually led to the election of President Barack Obama. Blogs are often used during campaigns to both support and humiliate candidates. Most blogs are written by individuals not related to the campaign, but who would like to express their feelings regarding the candidate.

Personal trends tend to vary with current events also. One personal trend that has lasted is in the area of fashion. Fashion has seen trends in styles such as women’s pants, grow in leaps and bounds. At one point in history, it was unlikely to see a woman wearing pants. Now women have various styles of pants such as slim-leg jeans and capri pants.

Religious trends have seen some varied growth that in some areas caused quite a stir....