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Decisions in Paradise Part II

Racquel Morris-Gourdine

MGT 350

May 3, 2011

Jeanne Beyer

Decisions in Paradise Part II

Kava’s future endeavor of the exotic vacation spot is starting to foresee a future of economic persistency. The Tide Corporation and its affiliates are strengthening the economic fortitude to see success. I have constructed a strategic plan that involves everyone from Tide employees, Kava natives and individuals all over the United States. Looking out for the well being of the people of Kava is an important matter that must stay closely at hand. My position at Tide had me look at that majority of Kava’s residents were within the range 15 years and younger, so I had to make sure that strategic plan would include the children of Kava.

Tide works hard to assist bringing disasters area back to where there were. My next step was to brainstorm on how I could include the children of Kava into my strategic plan. With Chris, the ceo of Tide and Alex, who not only is the reception of the organization but also wears many other hats, which brings Tide to be the great corporation that it is today. The dynamic group of three has worked hard to incorporate the idea of marketing the great of talent of each child of Kava. The monies raised through the fortune 500 companies a five-year plan is structured to be invested in rebuilding the schools of Kava. Each school is given a sponsor from individual fortune 500 companies that will sponsor each child who attends school on a regular basis. One thousand dollars per quarter will be placed in a fund for each child for college. Tide Corporation will support each student efforts in his or hers endeavor of college education and add additional funds to the college fund through fundraising within a five-year period.

Fundraising, however would take place in other places that are not based in Kava but would be raised all over the United States. Tide Corporation, Red Cross and Frigidaire would run ads on television...