Disc Platinum Rule Assessment - Mgt 307

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After having learned from the DISC Platinum Rule TM Behavior Style Assessment, that my behavior style is characterized as Steadiness Style (S Style), meaning I am warm, supportive; and nurturing individual. My description details myself as an excellent listener, devoted friend, and loyal employee, relaxed disposition and approachable. I also have the ability to develop strong network of people who are willing to be mutually supportive and reliable. I was finally described as an excellent team player. And my sub-style per the graph as the Director (or Dd). This description is somewhat correct about me. These are all attributes of influence.

This being the case, I can use my warm personality to influence other and promote motivation, satisfaction and performance. As The Director, my result orientation comes first, where I will speak my mind and arrive at conclusions based on facts generated from encouraging questions, sharing opinions, and listening. In attempting to achieve these goals, I will be tactful and avoid creating any atmosphere where the employees become disgruntled. Respect and accountability will be emphasized and feedback received verse versa, thus assisting employees and management to learn from the experience and take future corrective action if necessary. Motivation will be the thrust I will use to boost enthusiasm. In the creation of the positive influence, my overall goals will be targeting productivity. I will cultivate a team culture through effective communication and proactive influence attempts intended to have people committed to the organization’s mission, goals and objectives. To do so I will link the employees underlying values and believes to that of the organization. How do I do this? By making employees gain tangible benefits that will make them feel as owners of the organization, through awarding them tenure based shares (of stocks). This is a sense of ownership and empowerment. Rendering the lessons learnt to be that...