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English Versus Spanish in America

James Cooper

COM 150

August 21, 2011

Patrick Williams

English Versus Spanish in America

The Spanish language has recently become a debate among Americans as it is taking over English in America based upon changes in public schools introducing Spanish only courses. Since America has been founded there has never been a set national language in America. Knowing and understanding the Spanish language is becoming more of a priority in America as it becomes just as popular as the English Language among the American population. The future of America depends on understanding those around us and by speaking the same language is one answer to resolve this conflict. The only other answer is for all Americans to learn both Spanish and English and have two primary languages in America which is a path that may be more productive for all Americans.

America is a country where people from all over the world have migrated to find a better way of life. Since 1607, when the first settlers came to America people have come from far and wide to prosper in America. Many of the first settlers came from Europe and spoke English, but many other immigrants spoke other languages. With the vast history language and its diversity in America, America has never had a designated primary national language. Many states across America have English as the primary language. Currently, 31 states have English as their official language while 19 states have failed to pass legislation to make English the official state language of their (U.S. English, 2011). The majority of the population speaks English but there are other nationalities among the American population that speak other languages. Even during the Civil Rights era in America policies were made to protect against language issues in America’s workforce. “The Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964...