Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends

Brittany Hansen

July 2011

Mr. John T. Opincar


Business Communication Trends

Without any type of communication our business would fail to exist. I work for a printing company who strongly believes in using technology for everything. Our Smartphone’s sync with the work e-mail, computers sync with the printers, and we are constantly using email to communicate with clients. We have gone from using pen and paper to bring the IPad into the workplace. All these options have created a faster way of processing jobs and creating successful loyal relationships between vendors and clients.

Communication in the Workplace

Every work week day I wake up and instantly grab my Droid Incredible and check my work email to see which client has messaged me. After I arrive to work I check the voicemail and answer hand written messages left on my desk. We have our WIP (work in progress) meeting, which tells everyone where jobs are in their progress. All four of these communication processes happen before eight a.m.

Communication keeps our business alive in so many ways. We create new jobs, process, and achieve deadlines. Our team talks to each other. Our emails keep us in contact with our corporate company as well. We get the latest updates, attend online webinars, and chat with our AlphaGraphics support.

Managing Workdays

Having different ways to communicate helps us achieve our monthly sale goals and keeping our doors open. When helping a client I use pricing software to communicate the different pricing and quantity to him or her. I make phone calls and stop by my client’s office to find what he or she needs for me to print...