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There is a request to acquire support services for the Joint Troop Transport Command, East Coast. The command has oversight responsibility for the utilization of armed and unarmed personnel transports. The transports are currently being used in military training exercises at several installations that are preparing troops for deployment into hostile locations, specifically troops located on the East Coast. The requirement is to provide mechanical repairs and maintenance support for 1,000 vehicles. The requirement also includes providing the troops with preventative maintenance training for the vehicles. Last year’s contract was estimated to be approximately $6,800,000. The repairs, maintenance and training will be provided at the military installations. Emergency maintenance and major repair service is required (Critical Thinking Assignment Week 4, 2011).


The preventative maintenance is required because they would like to maintain the military vehicles not only on the East Coast but in hostile environments as well. We can assume that the acquisition will require most of the minor repairs, scheduled routine maintenance, and training will be performed at multiple East Coast military instillations. The lowest price strategy may not be the only strategy to consider. The emergency unscheduled repairs tend to exceed 24 hours and difficult to complete on time. Troop readiness is valued over keeping the lowest possible prices (Critical Thinking Assignment Week 4, 2011).


Issues that need to be determined are the definition of the best value, trade-off analysis. The best value, trade-off analysis process is the process that determines the best in class contractor, which is the company that provides the best possible service or product with the lowest price. The process of getting quality service or products at the lower price creates the best value. The trade-off refers to the trade-off of price for quality or...