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Running Head: Global Communications Benchmarking

Global Communications Benchmarking

Key concepts

Organizational Communication

Organizational communication occurs within a particular social system composed of interdependent groups attempting to achieve commonly recognized goals. Most company goals are to achieve the highest standard of business and continue to be profitable in a competitive market. Good communication skills are imperative for any company that is trying to achieve its goals. Importantly, effective communication is critical for both managerial and organizational success (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004). Each company that was described in the synopsis has one common goal and it is to improve their overall service by incorporating different methods of improvement. Many use generic benchmarking to improve their services and product.

Organizational communication is one of the key concept in generic benchmarking due to fact the communication is an important role in getting the message across to the employees and consumers. Effective communication is vital to all organizations because it coordinates employees, fulfills employee needs, supports knowledge management, and improves decision making (McShane, 2005). Each organization took different steps to accomplish their goals but they all had one common goal to achieve. In order to achieve their goals, each had to incorporate organizational communication in order to be successful in improving the company overall.

Emotional Intelligence

At Global Communications, the emotional Intelligence was very low; there was a great deal of in fighting going on within the senior management ranks. This is not much different from Kmart, as within Kmart, there was in-fighting going on between departments, retail stores and the online store. The senior managers at Global Communications could not keep their emotions in check, thus is created another issue with their approach to revive the...