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Metrosexuality: Empirical review

The notion of metrosexuality has become popular especially at these times. If we will come to think of it, it has gained momentum in a few societies and has became apparent with regards to popular culture. It has got through the lifestyles of quite a number of males and has taken on the track of challenging prevalent and strongly held gender notions that are corresponded oftentimes. Hence, it can be said that the ways we see masculinity has changed. In one hand, metrosexuality may be seen as a deviation from the normative, the usual, and even the appropriate. On the other hand, it can be understood in such a way that gender stereotypes and roles are still strongly inculcated to a many, but they are just being redefined and reshaped, and men are just finding ways that are new to our eyes to show an equally important side of their personality.

For this review, the research questions that I want to ask before are still the ones that I want to find answers about: why and how does our society accepts metrosexuality? Is it because our concept of the banidoso male fits in our understanding of what a metrosexual is? And, how do metrosexuals, self-acclaimed and labeled as such, cope with it?

Shaping gender ideologies

Prevalent gender ideologies are so pervasive that most of them keep us predictive of how our society’s gender order would look like. Due to the usage of numerous possible means to maintain the proliferation of gender ideologies, admittedly, up to these present times, they are still influential. Particularly, I can say that the traditional and restrictive notions of how men should act and express themselves are still operating within people’s mindset.

For the longest time, while historical sources about women are of abundance, such things are scarce for men. One reason for this is that the authors of historical sources, especially before, are men. They find it easy to write and generalize...