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'Conflicts between children and their parents are often the result of different perceptions of reality.'

Statement of Intention: This imaginative response is based on the prompt 'Conflicts between children and their parents are often results of different perceptions of reality'. It's written as an imaginative story to displace the ideas from the novel 'Shark Net' into a fresh story. This essay is intended for students and teachers and uses simple language.

August, Monday the 8th, 2011, the date one of the most dangerous serial killers was murdered in his cell at the age of 20. His blood painted the cell wall, his body was cut into 5 pieces; 2 arms, the torso and 2 legs. He goes by the name Lars, and had just entered his cell a few weeks before. In order to understand what he had done we must go back a few years.

The year 1997, 6 year old Lars was a spectacular young child; he was an outstanding student academically, sports wise and practically everything, he was a genius in the makings. When he was at school he would normally hide under a tree to hide his bruises he had received at home from his father. His father would always punish him when intoxicated, and usually for no real reason. His father was recently fired from his work for unacceptable behaviour in the workplace. After he was fired, drinking became an essential part of his life.

At night his father would come home smelling like alcohol and constantly argue with his wife. Lars' father would bash on his door until it broke or opened. Then he would grab Lars and viscously force him out of the room. Lars would be crying and yelling out, 'Let me go' and his mother, who would also be crying, would try pushing him away from Lars. He would then drop Lars on the floor and beat him up while pushing his wife off him. Once he had finished, he would yell at his wife, 'ARE YOU HAPPY, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS' and storms out the door. Lars and his mother would hold each other crying while watching his father drive...