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Chapter III: Review of Related Studies and Literature

In this chapter you must start with a brief introduction about the exploration of the researchers or the proponents on the related literature and studies about the problem or the topic.

• Related Studies

In this part you must get your data and information from unpublished material such as previous or old study, research or thesis. In some format, you must label your unpublished material with local or foreign. Foreign studies are unpublished material that came from other countries and the local studies came from the same country where you live.

1. This should be organized to cover the specific problems.

2. You must take note all of the evidences that the previous researcher came up.

3. The unpublished material should not be older than 5 years if possible.

4. It must be related to your topic. If not, do not get it.

5. On the last part of this part you must have a statement how this old unpublished material helps the researcher in their current study. And relate this to your study.

• Related Literature

In this part you must get your data and information from any books, magazines, and news papers. Like on related studies, you must also label your published material with local or foreign. Local literature is published on same country where you live and the foreign is published outside of your country.

1. Must be also organized to cover specific problems.

2. Must take all the evidences about the problem with the author’s experiences.

3. As much as possible, get the latest published materials. Avoid old published materials.

4. Same as number 4 on Related Studies.

5. Same as number 5 on Related Studies.

This is the end of the chapter 2 guide for the thesis, research paper, case study and term paper, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to leave comments. If you also have correction please just comment. Thank you and Good luck to your thesis writing!

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