Perfomance Appraisels

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Checkpoint: Performance Appraisals


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Performance appraisal can be difficult to establish in any company, especially when managers from all of the operating departments decide not to their part in making them work. Performance appraisals generally start off in the human resources department but mainly used by managers and the rest of the staff to evaluate their peers’ performances. Before starting the performance appraisal standards must be set and clearly defined (Bohlander, G. W., & Snell, S. A., 2007). A couple of these standards are strategic relevance and criterion contamination.

Strategic relevance relates to what is expected of the employees from any given company. For example, employees who work on an assembly line need to know if there is a certain quota they must meet each shift. If the managers are not asserting themselves and letting their employees know what is expected of them, work performance falls and the employees are blamed for what was not told to them. When it comes to doing a performance appraisal managers and staff cannot properly fill out the evaluation if there is no strategic relevance such as, does the employee meet his/her daily quota?

Now with criterion contamination, the employer must make sure that forms will be filled out correctly and without bias. Personal feelings and irrelevant aspects of the job should not impede an individual’s ability to properly fill out the appraisal form based solely upon an individual’s capability of doing his/her job. Focus should be on the job along with fairness and equality.


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