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Name: Trần Quang Sơn

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Class: FB0602

Topic 2: Pay is not a primary factor driving employee job satisfaction. However, it does motive people. Create a strategic reward system to keep talents for the company.

Pay is not a primary factor driving employee job satisfaction. However, it does motive people. So creating a specific reward system is very important for all the company. If it cannot be done carefully, there are many bad things will occur such as employees disappointed with company and even they will quit their job. So making a suitable reward system must follow a true direction.

Reward is a way to recognize the achievements and encourage the employees to continue to strive to fulfill their duties better. For enterprises in particular, the reward is an effective tool to attract and retain good employees. The identification of targets in business and reward in appropriate time will play an important role in raising the efficiency of the reward.

The proper reward and organizations can strengthen efforts led to the success of the company by rewarding those who have very specific contributions to the company. The reward will be inadequate or annoying to people who are waiting to be rewarded and they may feel discouraged expectations of what they get. So rewarding someone is not easy at all and strategic reward system must be done carefully. To bring about rewarding the desired results, we should add them to the clear objectives. The first month of year is a good time to set goals. These goals should be specific, not remote and associated with the development of the company's business. The following steps will help you set goals with properly reward:

* Together with staff identify targets:

Employees are...