Marketing Pharmasim Paper

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Ngoc Vu, Thanh Tran, Hongru Tang and Kevin Lam

MKTG 301-061

Pharmasim Final Report

Mission Statement

Here at Allstar, it is our mission to produce the highest quality, most cost-effective medicines and pharmaceuticals that we can produce. With our products, we strive to provide the best possible care for our customers to support their health and well-being.

Marketing Objectives

1. Increase sales for Allround from 140 million units to 180 million units and Allround+ from 40 million units to 70 million units in the 14th year

2. In the 14th year, net income for every Allstar brand should increase from $150 - $200 million.

3. Increase brand awareness for Allround and Allround+ from 88% and 70% to around 95% and 85% respectively by the 14th year.

4. There should be an increase of customer satisfaction for Allround of 70% to 85% in the 16th year. Also, there should be an increase for Allround+ of 60% to 75% in the same year.

5. In the 15th year, the stock price for Allstar should increase $75 to $100.

SWOT Analysis/Target Market

Allstar should focus on one product, which has the highest retention. Instead of developing new product lines, the company should improve the distribution channels.

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