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Samarakand Segmentation- * Sensory-why so young?

Why did you choose this type of segmentation? (same as the tooth paste segmentation from the lecture notes)

Isn't the classification of a business more dependant on the business customers?

-Based on your personal observation, how would you segment Samarakands customers?

Positioning- Instead of liberal (challenge and conservative, wouldn't you think quality of food (especially for exotic foods) is more important?

*customers (who are used to traditional "domestic foods") are more critical of quality and taste when trying new or exotic dishes

Traditional Tea House-external analysis

*Presentation focused on how competitors serve coffee

What other factors do these coffee shops provide to customers?

ex) if coffee was all they wanted then everyone would drink Georgia canned coffee

-STP I understand your segmentation

Why not add transients/studiers ->want quiet and comfortable place to study

Anam stationis a very high traffic area

some people just want a place to go for a drink/snack while they wait for friends or coworkers

Beer Market -Segmentation: Trendy and Social Seekers

Did you take income into consideration when picking these segments?

ex) most potential customers around KU are students and seem to be drawn to bars where there is domestic liquors and domestic food, a good atmosphere and a good price

-유객주, Star Beer, etc... Is ignoring this segment good for business?

If youre ignoring this segment, why?

Young Chul Burger compared to the old business strategy

Cheap, quick and filling / new strategy - more expensive, quick, filling, healthy, and diversified

Old strategy / high volume, low overhead / short ordering time, street vendor /new strategy /comparatively lower volume, higher overhead

Longer ordering time, uncomfortable restaurant

Now that the competitors are different than their old street vendor competitors, what strategy would be the...