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The student internship

Name: Hedy

With the worldwide development of economy, undergraduate’s education has attracted broad attention in the contemporary society. Since internships have long been regarded as an important supplement to undergraduate education and this type of education plays a vital role in enhancing the preparation of undergraduates in the entry-level job market. (Thomas P. Verney, Stephen J. Holoviak, and Anthony S. Winter, 2009) This essay will illustrate the definition of student internship and explain the reasons about establishing an intern institution.

Internship is a process of on-the-job training for college or university students in order to have sufficient preparation in the future, similar to an apprenticeship. As a consequence, interns’ performance directly decide disposition in the period of internship in the future. Internship also plays a vital role in supporting employment rate between inters and employs, therefore, student internship creates a win-win business model, it brings a large amount of benefits to interns and enterprises.

On the interns’ side, student internship provides opportunities for students to obtain experience in their respective field. It supplies the students build relationships with expectations developed in the classroom and the reality of the working environment. As a result, students can understand the operation characteristics and rules of the workplace to reduce the sense of inadaptation when they move into the workplace after graduation. Internships can help expand upon immediate skills that can improve course performance, such as better time management and communication skills, better self-discipline, heightened initiative and an overall better self-concept (Dennis, 1996). In addition, during the internship, students can enhance the ability to communicate with others and improve the team cooperation ability. Overall, interns are better prepared to enter the job market and enjoy greater job...