Sample Hypothesis Paper

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Sample Hypothesis Paper

As we conducted our research, Team A formulated both a numerical and verbal hypothesis dealing with the research problem. The team will perform the five step hypothesis test on the real estate data and a tabular chart will be included as well as our findings. Team A’s results will help describe and explain exactly how our findings can be used to answer the research question. As we conducted our analysis, the team was easily able to come up with results that clearly answered the problem which is whether or not the prices of homes outside of a ten mile radius are less expensive or equal in price in comparison to homes that are located within the selected area.

Summary of Team A’s Previous paper

A brief recap of Team A's project involving the previous assignment evidently defines the results of the question we originally posted. The question being: "Are homes within a 15 mile radius from the center of the city more expensive than the mean?" In order to obtain a clear and definite answer, we used a tabular chart, verbal and numeric statements and the use of the five-step test. Our results clearly reassured our original assumption and we were clearly able to verify it. The research that Team A conducted clearly proved that the houses priced within a 15-mile radius from the center of the city are priced higher than houses located outside of the city.

Verbal Statement

For this particular research project, the hypothesis is that homes within 10 miles of the center of the city will cost more than homes outside of 10 miles from the center of the city. The alternate hypothesis is that homes that are outside of 10 miles from the center of the city will sell for more than houses within 10 miles of town.

In conclusion, the question that was originally posed; “Are home prices within the ten mile radius of the center of the city pricier than the mean of home prices located outside of the 10 mile radius” was answered adequately. As the team...