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One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper

Ted Chen, Carlos Tejera-Fernandez, Ryan Smith, Jennifer Tenney, Jim Walsh


April 25, 2011

Esmaail Nikjeh

One Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper

Numerical and Verbal Hypothesis

The numerical hypothesis for this specified test is that in the countries with a life expectancy of 70 or higher, the literacy rate for these countries will also be above the 95% of population. By the data provided, we can ascertain that in 67 of the countries that the CIA has data for, this is truly the case. It is also apparent that in the results of the data reported that the countries with the highest rate of reading literacy are also the more modernized countries. We can also see by the data provided that the countries with the highest literacy rates also have the lowest unemployment rates. During the course of this paper, Team A is going to try to prove and test the hypothesis of our statement.

State the null and alternate hypothesis

The null hypothesis indicates countries with life expectancy of over 70 years also have a 95% literacy statistic. The alternate hypothesis specifies the literacy rate is significantly lower than 95% in countries with life expectancy over 70 years. Team A’s research is calculating on the premise that samples taken from the CIA Global data set are individuals over 70 years of age. As a result, of a one sided hypothesis distribution there will be a one-tailed test.

Select the level of significance

The significance level determines the probability of the hypothesis test and the admissible margin of error to alert an alternate course. According to Rice University (1993-2007),“ the difference between the results of the null hypothesis evaluated (significance level chosen is .05 or 5%), assuming the null hypothesis is true the probability of the difference large or larger is estimated. (HyperStat Online Contents, para. 1). If the tests determine greater than the .05% error rate or lower than the 95%...