Intergration of Faith and Learning

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A Phenomenology of the Intergration of Faith and Learning

Counseling 506

Karen Coffey

Liberty University

September 24, 2011


The article, A Phenomenology of the Integration of Faith and Learning by Elizabeth Sites, Fernando Garzon, Frederick Milacci and Barbara Boothe (2009), explores how eight student-nominated faculty members who teach at a Christian university integrate faith and learning. The criteria for choosing the professors was “whom did the students had learned the most about IFL” (Sites et al., 2009)

The review of the literature focused on the “writers who explore IFL more holistically, specifically with regards to intrapersonal and interpersonal dimensions” (Sites et al., 2009). The conclusions from the research indicate integration of faith and learning is important to students. The professors interaction with students range from “pastoral personal style” (Sites et al., 2011) to a “struggling faith style” (Sites et al., 2011)

The data was gathered “via conversational, semi structures interviews (Sites et al., 2009) and by answering opened questions. All of the interviews except for one participate were video recorded and transcribed for further examination. The responses were dissected and periodically reviewed by peers to ensure credibility.

Several themes emerged from the data collection: “The Inseparability of Faith from Practice and The Outworking of Faith in Practice” (Sites et al., 2009). The professors expressed the impossibility of separating their faith and the content they taught as their worldview reflected faith as the foundation. The expression of their worldview was seen in the relationships developed with students. In relationship to faith in practice, two themes surfaced: “The Infusion of Faith in Pedagogy and The Demonstration of Faith in Relationships” (Sites et al., 2009). The relationships built with students were important to the professors as well as to the students.

The conclusion of the...