Health Care Reform

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Feather Rae Weber

Virginia Dumas

HCR 230 – 14931

February 14, 2012

New Health Care Reform/ Health Care Delivery System

The Medicare system was created to enroll beneficiaries in the health plans that were designed to be more efficient and would be less costly. Many changes were made to the Health Care reform and Delivery systems. These two categories were renewed to ensure higher quality at affordable rates for patients. The payment reform plan will be carried out through the Medicare and Medicaid to slow the rate of growth in the health care cost while expanding coverage at the same time. The New Health Care reform will provide lower cost for patients while offering medical physicians bonus incentives for quality medical care to their patients. In 2012 the plans with the highest quality ratings will be rewarded. Medicare has created a rating system that measures quality of care, responsiveness, beneficially satisfaction, and customer service.

Delivery systems are a way for physicians to share medical records and information between mutual patients. The ability to share patient’s records between doctors will speed up the amount of time to treat patients. This will lower the rates for patients, while increasing quality in productivity in the medical field. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 will make health

Insurance more accessible, and it may make insurance more affordable if changes are made in the way care is organized, delivered, and paid for.

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