Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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Ethical Lens Inventory

There are four ethical perspectives; rights and responsibilities lens, relationship lens, results lens, and reputation lens. There are also four core values; rationality, equality, sensibility, and autonomy. Each lens incorporates certain reasoning skills. I am a combination of all four ethical perspectives. My personal ethical perspective is periscope vision. This means that I’m able to use strengths from all the different core values to my advantage and adapt to each situation.

Integrity would be the best way to describe my personal ethical viewpoint. To me, this means doing the right thing. I expect others to have and use integrity as well. It upsets me very much when I find out that someone is being less than honest. Integrity is something that should be practiced at all times, not displayed occasionally for your benefit.

According to my ethical lens inventory, I do not possess a blind spot. As long as I have a mature outlook, I can see both the strengths and weaknesses of all four ethical perspectives. The advantage of not having a blind spot allows me to step back and take inventory and make a more sound decision based on all four ethical perspectives. However, even though I don’t have a blind spot I have some weaknesses associated with my ethical perspective. I am prone to inaction, superiority, and confusion. I run the risk of seeing all sides of a situation, and doing nothing. I typically don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and make a fair decision for all. Sometimes this leads me to not making any decision. Additionally, there are times when I feel like I am the expert in the matter and insist that others follow my lead. I have to make a conscience effort to not allow myself to feel superior and listen to others ideas. Confusion is another weakness. Sometimes it becomes difficult to hold on to my own ethical perspective when I’m able to see others perspectives so clearly. It takes self-refection and...