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International Business by M.Iqbal




To define international business and describe how it differs from domestic business.

To explain why companies engage in international business and why its growth has accelerated.

To introduce different modes a company can use to accomplish its global objectives.

To illustrate the role social science disciplines play in understanding the environment of international business.

To provide an overview of the primary patterns for companies’ international expansion. To describe the major countervailing forces that affect international business.


The first part of the chapter is designed to give a brief overview of international business in terms of why

companies get involved, why there has been a recent growth in international business, the major modes of

international business activities, the relationship to other disciplines, and the need to adjust operations to

different operating environments. The second part of the chapter introduces features that will be covered in other chapters as well. These include the internationalization process, countervailing forces, ethical

dilemmas, and looking to the future....