Reaction Paper-Everybody's Fine

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REACTION PAPER: Everybody’s Fine

Basically, the movie touches our hearts. It is a touching story of a man slowly losing touch with reality and slipping back into the past. The more he finds that his children are not quite telling him the truth about their lives, the more his memories darken and become more sinister. When all four of his kids cancel their planned trip to visit him, Frank decides against the advice of his doctor to surprise them each with a visit. As Frank sees his kids one by one, he realizes that they all have secrets they’re keeping from him. Whether it’s their lack of success, trouble with their marriage or something else, each child has kept something from him. While they’re mother was the one they talked to, Frank was the father who only got the good news. His kids wanted him to be proud of them. We remember the scenario when he was riding on a train. He keeps on telling to the woman about how successful his children are. Maybe Frank wanted to see his children living fine with their successful careers. Frank is a caring father who desires the best for them. Maybe his children didn’t want to disappoint him so they do things that they know will at least ease the worries of their father. Because of such expectations of their father (Frank), they need to cover up their true status in life. This doesn't mean the children don't care about their father, they do. But the emotional closeness was never there and this is what this movie is about: breaking down barriers to establish an emotional connection. When he learns that all of his children aren't actually as successful, he seems like he's struggling within to try and understand where they're coming from instead of just showing his disappointment. He begins to question his life and just wants his kids to be happy. It’s a profound change in his life and he works hard to once again get his family together around one table for a Christmas meal. When things finally come tumbling down towards the...