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Ronald E. Diaz September 17, 2012

BM-111 General Psychology

A Reaction Paper about

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

In the ancient times, Leprosy is the most afraid disease but today STI or Sexually Transmitted Infections the most feared by every individual. Let me pose some questions to you. Do we really know STI? Are we well informed of what is STI? Can we even identify of people who are having STI? What are we going to do if we have encountered someone with STI or we; ourselves are the one with STI?

STI, HIV, AIDS are heard anywhere. When these words are heard it is already identified as a dangerous or more people described it as death. STI excuses no one. Everyone can be infected foreigners, workers, man; woman and even the most influential man in the world, even your seatmate or the person in front of you can be infected.

We can identify STI or Sexually Transmitted disease as an infection transmitted through sex and close personal contact that is caused by bacteria, fungi and protozoa. STI facilitates HIV and AIDS therefore we can say that if HIV and AIDS population increases there is a greater chance for the increase of Sexually Transmitted Infections. According to the survey given at the symposium HIV and AIDS in Zamboanga is already less than 1%, among this population 1.3% of them are male having sex with male.

AIDS or Acquires Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a disease that destroys the human body’s nature defense against sickness. AIDS is caused by a virus called “HIV” or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is transmitted through (1) infected semen and vaginal contact, (2) infected blood and blood products, and, (3) infected mother to child.

People often regard that HIV can be easily transmitted by ordinary means such as cough, sneezing, using utensils of an infected person, embracing and kissing which are not true. Transmission will only be effective if and only a sexual intercourse or a close personal contact is done.