Business Code of Ethics

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics


September8, 2012

Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

The author of the this evaluation will attempt to give some general background on the company he or she works for, as well as discuss the companies ethical issues towards employees, customers, private contractors, and the CEOs’. As the author checked in to his or her employer ethical point of views, he or she found out that the company has 4 codes that they require their employees to follow are the government service code, a civil services creed along with an employee’s responsibility code, and business ethics. Although, the commissary has their own ethical codes, being on a military installation they have to follow the military rules of ethics as well. This author hopes that at the end of this evaluation he or she has a better understanding of the commissaries codes of ethics, and how it affects everyone around the organization.

The commissary sell household goods and groceries to active-duty, Reserve, retired service members and their families as well as the Guard, at an average savings of 30 percent or more when compared to local civilian supermarkets prices. Commissaries make up one of the top asset for today’s military with an important incentive to recruitment and the keeping of skilled employees, while keeping down taxpayer costs. The commissary is not a recent addition. The purchasing of goods from commissary storehouses began in 1825 to military personnel, where Army officers at designated posts could buy items for their individual use, while paying prices at-cost. In 1841, officers could now start buying items for their immediate families members as well. As time changed in 1867 the enlisted services man was given the same privileges as his officers, to buy things at-cost. According to Mr. Joseph H. Jeu Director and Chief Executive Officer, their mission is to “Deliver a vital benefit of the military pay system that sells grocery items at...