Why I Prefer Classical Music Events in Contrast to Pop/Rock Concerts

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Why I prefer listening to Classical Music performed in concert halls than Rock/Pop concerts.

1. People are rowdy in Rock/Pop concerts. Some would even walk around, run around, yell, boo, worst of all, they stand up and block your view of the performance. In concert halls people are remain quite civil even in the most virtuosic of performances and reserve their applause at the end of every performance. In rock concerts, simple guitar riffs would necessitate you having to protect yourself from every angle while covering your ears. Santana solos? prepare for a stampede.

2. Talent. In Concert Halls, you see talented people exposing themselves to every bit of criticism as they go without any auto-tuners/lipsyncing/extras and all the onstage foolery and gimmicks that most rock/pop concerts have. They don't have fancy lights and pyrotechnics that conceal lack of practice. So it's really quite easy to spot mistakes in Concert halls but the appreciation for the talent and dedication makes up for them since classical music audiences generally judge you for your tone, vibrato, phrasing and not by how many mistakes you committed (yeah so better read up on sheet music prior to attending a concert).

3. You can develop deafness in Rock/Pop concerts. Seriously. I have to bring earplugs every time I practice with a rock/pop band or attend a rock/pop concert. in the case of concert halls, there is minimal amplification or no amplification at all and everything is audible mainly because the crowd is pin-drop silent in during performances.

4. Visibility. Rock concerts pack in people in thousands in a single venue. Concert halls only have barely 500 people inside. So even when you pay for cheap tickets, you still get a seat, you can see the performers well and you won't be distracted by anyone.

5. promptness. pop concerts tell you they'd start at 6pm. and they'd start as late as 8pm, with all the minor bands playing then you get to see the major act by 9:30pm and it ends...