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Frustration results from the blocking or thwarting of goal-directed behavior resulting in an unpleasant state of tension, anxiety and heightened sympathetic activity. Therefore, any thwarting, interference or slowing down of goal-directed activity may result in frustration. It is something (or someone) unpleasant has interfered/blocked the ‘smooth sailing’ in achieving our goal in the past. It blocks or hinders us from reaching our goals. Frustrations situations may be social, non-social, personal or internal.

Sources of Frustrations

* Environment: The workplace environment and natural environment both may frustrate the employees. For example, there may be break down in machinery, no canteen facilities, a wet rainy day or a hot sunny day may prevent the employees to perform their duties efficiently.

* Co-workers: Co-workers may be a major source of frustration. They may place barriers in the way of goal attainment by delaying work, withholding work inputs, poor presentation of work, affecting its quality, etc.

* Employee Himself: The employee himself is rarely recognized as a source of frustration. The employee may set higher goals than his abilities.

* Management: Management may act as the source of frustration; they may block the promotion of an employee due to change in organization’s promotional policies.

Types of Frustrations

* Social frustrations result from social conditions or those that have to do with relations with people if the professor sets down the date of the examination at the time when you have planned a trip, this results in social frustrations. Or if you would like watch a favorite TV program and mother says you have to study your lessons, this results in a frustrations.

* Non-social frustrations arise from conditions beyond your help, you are reviewing for the final exams and there is power failure or you are hurrying to school but there is a transportation breakdown or a flood or a storm comes to interfere with a plan...