Madonna Case Analysis

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Madonna Case Analysis

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Madonna’s case takes through her career and how she maintained her pop-star popularity in the entertainment industry. She is compared to Marilyn Monroe, Janet Jackson and many famous celebrities because of their work in modeling, singing, etc. Madonna is known worldwide and a very eager, phenomenon business woman. The case analysis analyzes the force of her strategy that a successful company or business individual can use to sustain in the business world especially with this competitive market.   Her inspiring life visibly dictates that her goals were clear and concise, she understands the competitive market, and how she beat the competitors by being flexible and her continuous reinvention of her plan.

Synopsis of the Case

From the start, Madonna’s career has been flourished to be one of the world’s best and successful entertainers. She was motivated and her determination earned her to be on the top paying entertainers in the world. Her 1984 interview with presenter Dick Clark, “What do you really want to do when you grow up?” “Rule the world,” she replied (Grant, 2010, p. 3). As of October 2010, Madonna is still on the Forbes list earning $58 million a year. As we can see, her success didn’t come from an overnight fortune but through her innovative behavior and interest in the business sector. This allowed her room for self-assessment, self-improvement and reinvention time after time. Madonna’s achievements permitted her to appear in films, started in writing books and other business opportunities to amplify her value over the past two decades.

Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced

Madonna was not successful anywhere else which gave her limited success but her market acceptance in the entertaining industry has been marvelous.   She was aware of her weaknesses; she...