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The Eradication of Corruption at Fluor Corporation


Marcus Youngquist

15 Jul 2009

When thinking about what is the most important initiative for Alan Boeckmann; CEO of Fluor Corporation, can take to eliminate corruption in his company many initiatives come to mind. The Fluor Corporation delivers engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services to 600 clients on 1,000 projects in 85 different countries. (1) When a company of that size and magnitude tries to combat something such as corruption which has been present in the world for centuries, it is without a doubt an uphill battle. I feel that Boeckmann can be successful in corruption free contracting if the right steps continue to be taken. The fight against corruption needs to happen on multiple levels; financially, politically, and intellectually.

One of the first steps in eradicating corruption is on the financial front. Fluor can do this by continuing to support leading advocacy groups. (1) There is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In 1998 more than 30 nations, including all of our major trading partners, implemented rigorous anti-bribery commitments mandated by OECD. (1) One company that pioneered the private sector getting involved with anti-corruption acts is the the Partnership Against Corruption Initiative (PACI). (1) Each signatory company agreed to maintain a zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption. Along with this a broad based anti-corruption program was implemented to guide the behavior of employees.(1) These two groups have set a foundation for the most basic form of consequentialism to be implemented. There is power in numbers. The more countries and corporations we can have signatory to these types of advocacy groups the more of a Utilitarian way of thinking will come about. More people will be happy and benefit from not taking corruption versus going against a powerful...