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A good manager motivate the team by most importantly listen and then act. As the manger I am expected to be good at what I do. Managing a team like this am look upon as a leader and a good manger avoids the tendency to micromanage. Mangers also need to display proper communication, between him and the employees. The team looks up to for guidance and a source of information. Mangers are open and willing to listen to their questions and concerns.

As the manager there are many other responsibilities like assigning resources, handling grievances, solving problems, briefing executives. Good managers get the most out of their people because they:

• Orient new employees

• Explain policies and procedures

• Provide job information

• Assign work to subordinates

• Describe performance expectations

• Identify personal problems and issues

• Evaluate performance

• Identify training requirements 

• Provide feedback

My scenario

Coca cola has decided to come up with a new cola for next summer. The new cola will set to be released by the Fourth of July as the deadline. Jack is in the flavor department. Mike is in the graphic department of the coca cola company. Mary is in charged of putting together commercials for the advertisement to introduce the new cola.

As the manager of this project I’m to make sure that this project will:

* Meet the deadline

* Assure to impress the CEO and consumer will like the new flavor

* Keep everyone on task not to have any discrepancies on the team

Once Jack was done with the flavor it would be tasted tested by the CEO and by local people for off the streets. Once the flavor was approved Mike would come up with the design for the can a flashy new design that would to on the front of the can. Last would be Mary’s commercial that would need to be complete two month before the due date of the new release.


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