Human Resource Management Plan and Job Aids

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Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

By: Anonymous

July 26, 2009


The Missouri Patrol Division is determined to provide all individuals that are residing in the state of Missouri the ability to live and demonstrate their rights in peace. As a law enforcement officer all citizens have the right to the constitutional amends to be demonstrated and upheld from the organization of this department by our government. Our services are to the general public; to protect and serve at any lengths of service that the government will allow.

The department is developed for the citizens and is non profit in revenue. All financial aspects are financed by the tax-payer and through funds set aside by the state government. The finances are not to be focused upon from uniformed officers. The uniformed officer’s sole concern is to the safety of the public. There is no competition among other departments or state employed individuals; as we all share a common purpose and the cooperation of our fellow partners.

There are many duties that are required by the state for a law enforcement patrol officer to uphold in his/her position. An officer will be required to perform routine police assignments as instructed by senior or higher officers of authority. The following duties are to be performed when at work:

Patrolling designated areas on foot or assigned motorcycle/cruiser in order to preserve law and order, prevent and discover the commission of crime, and to enforce traffic and parking regulations.

Answer emergency calls from the public

Administer first aid, conduct investigations, gather evidence, obtain witnesses, make arrests, and testify in court of law.

Acknowledge complaints or inquiries and direct individuals in the proper manner

Conducts accident investigations, safeguards against accidents, interviews victims and witnesses, compiles written statements, examines vehicles, roadways, traffic...