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Ethics Essay

Ethics play a major role in our professional and individual lives daily. There are many theories and types of ethics, such as virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. These theories and ethics can determine in which direction our professional and personal careers success will lead.

First, we must define what ethics and values mean. Ethics is the science of the right and wrong in human action or what socially taken to be the right and wrong in human actions (Boylan, 2009). Values are the foundation, in which we are built on, or to be considered or rated highly. So in short, Ethics is doing what is right or wrong, and values determine what is right or wrong. So in short, Ethics is doing what is right or wrong, and morals determine what is right or wrong. We use ethics and morals every day even by just the little things we do in life like deciding whether to speed to get to work on time or do the speed limit and be late to work. The moral aspect of these decisions we face every day.

Virtue theory emphasizes on moral character or just the honesty or generosity in ones actions. When looking at virtue theory many of us today use this theory when we see the people outside our car windows asking for spare change and holding signs stating their problems. We see the honesty in those signs and take it that they are telling us the truth and we then share our generosity over to them with our spare change or sort. Looking at the big picture at hand, we move over to utilitarianism ethics, which suggests that an action is morally right when that action produces more total utility for the group than any other alternative (Boylan, 2009). Therefore, it is stating that results of the action will not only benefit the one asking for spare change but also will for all who took part in the giving and the receiving. The one who gave the spare change may feel that they have did their part to society by giving back to someone in need, and the...