Ethics Essay Virtue Theory

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Ethics Essay Virtue Theory

Kevin Hawkins


October 10, 2012

Mr. Kent M, Blumberg, BS, MS, PCC

This Essay is comparing the similarities and different between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. Ethics is defined as the science concerning the right and wrong of human action. Deontological is a moral theory that emphasizes one’s duty to do a particular action just because the action, itself, is inherently right and not through any other sorts of calculations—such as the consequences of the action. Because of this non-consequentialist bent, deontology is often contrasted with utilitarianism that defines the right action in term of its ability to bring about the greatest aggregate utility. In contradistinction to utilitarianism, deontology will recommend an action based upon principle.“Principle” is justified through an understanding of the structure of action, the nature of reason, and the operation of the will. The result is a moral command to act that does not justify itself by calculating consequences.(BoylN, 2009, p,171).

My personal experiences the relationship between virtue, values and moral concept or very similar in theory. I experience the utilitarianism, theory when I predicted the action of my cousin when she determine that she were pregnancy. I knew her first reaction would be to keep the pregnancy a secret from her family because she was afraid of their reaction. My cousin knew what the consequences would be. In my experience with the deontological it was my duty to watch the action of my cousin in her situation to find out if she would, do what is moral right and tell her parents about the situation she was in.

Virtue theory is theory that emphasize that role of character and virtue in moral philosophy rather than doing one duty or action in order to bring about consequences ( Athanassoui, 2010). In conclusion people greatest amount of happiness come from one on action of the two theories of utilitarianism and...