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Use the data from your Diet Analysis+ 3 Day Average Reports to answer the questions

below. Other recommended reports you may need to refer to include: Intake Vs Goals,

Energy Balance, Source Analysis, etc.

1. List at least three foods contributing to your daily carbohydrate intake.


Sun Chips

French Fries

2. a. Current DRIs recommend a minimum of 130 grams/day. Calculate the average number

of grams of carbohydrates you consumed.

268.15/3=89.3 grams a day( average)

b. Compare your intake compare to this recommendation. Explain your comparison.

Recommended intake for me should be between 337 and 487 every three days. I was

under my consumption and need to not only choose more carbohydrates to intake, but

healthier choices like wheat pastas and wheat breads.

3. a. Refer to the fiber-containing food group in the Food Guide Pyramid. Did your average

daily intake provide the minimum number of servings of foods from this food group?

My average fiber intake was 19.64 grams a day. I did not meet the minimum number of

servings. I was only at 52%, I could have doubled my intake to be on track for fiber


b. List the food group(s) that didn't meet the recommendations.

Grains, vegetables, fruits

4. Describe the dietary changes you would make to increase the fiber content of your diet

from the vegetable, fruit and grain groups.

I can consume foods high in fiber such as whole wheat bread,bran cereals, oatmeal,

bananas, and black beans.

5. a. If you used sugar substitutes in your diet, list them here.

I use Stevia in my yogurt to make it into a dessert! I also consume diet soda which

includes Aspartame. My diet soda consumptions is under the allotted 18 diet sodas a

day, I currently average one.

b. List the advantages and disadvantages associated with sugar alternatives.

The advantages for me is the caloric intake is less than what I would consume having

"full sugar" in my sodas and desserts. The...