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You know. Instead of trying to point fingers why dont u ask urself why is he so mad? Why did

he say what he said. What did i do or say? Did i deserve it? Why is it he was so nice and

respectful one min and so irate the next. did i do something?

I am not apologetic for what i said. I have been nothing but respectful toward u. Ive made

clear my intentions and interests in u. Ive tried to get to know u and respected ur every

wish. I never tried to push sex on u or done or said anything to u to disrespect u. Ive been

nothing but kind and respectful.

U on the other hand turn around and question my integrity and my intentions towards u. U bash

me as a person and my integrity by thinking my statement today had only to do with sex and

thats all i wanted from u when weve discussed this tpoic several times and ive made it clear

thats not the case. I am and never will be the type of person to just have sex with some

random person i dont care about.

Why would i make plans to try to come to wisconsin to see u during a cherished vacation time

from work which i worked so hard to get just to come see u when i could easily come home too

see family. Why would i talk to on the phone almost every day? Why would i question whether i

should come out to see u and remain worried for ur sake because im afraid of ur feelings and

me hurting u. Because i care about u. I do see something in u and felt a connection.

But instead u question me. My integrity and my intentions. My playfulness. My affection

towards u. U question it. U think im doing all this just to get my dick wet? I can do that in

hawaii without buying a $700 plane ticket.

Whatever joann. If it makes u feel better. Blame it on me. And think to urself that all i

wanted from u was sex because i couldnt get it anywhere else in the world. What a jerk i am

right? Im glad u found out i was a jerk way before u got too close to me. How my true...