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Labour Studies Essay - Research

1. Knights of labour called for the creation of a single labour union for skilled and unskilled workers alike to strengthen the union against all opposition.

2. Knights strongly opposed to the use of strike. Strikes lead to misery and hardship for workers, and as history proves - ultimate defeat.

3. Knights goal was to establish co-operative businesses owned and operated by members of the union

4. Allowed women to gain voice

5. Poltical party formed

The Knights of Labor Established 8 hour work days, equal pay for genders, preservation of federal lands, and removed contracts for prison labor.

The main objective of the Order was to teach the American wage earner that he was a wage earner first and a bricklayer, shoemaker, carpenter, and/or miner ,etc. after. It also taught that he was a wage earner first and a Catholic, Protestant, Jew, white, black, Democrat, or Republican, after. However, the main objective of the order was to organize all nationalities, races, creeds, and grades of skill into one common labor union, in which all members earned their living by the sweat of their brow.

Blind in One Eye Only: Western and Eastern

Knights of Labor View the Chinese Question*

* In praising the Order’ s embrace of universal brotherhood with regard to others, Alexander Saxton writes, ª Only at accepting Chinese did the Knights generally draw the line.º 1 Clark Halker notes, Much as the Knights pressed the limits of the meaning of republicanism ¼ they could never entirely escape notions of racial inferiority ¼ [N]on-Western European immigrants remained second-class...