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Buzz on caffeine

1.   Why do you believe the National Coffee Association is unclear about how much coffee is in a cup?

The National Coffee Association is unclear about how much coffee is in a cup because if it gives out a number then it will create awareness and fear among the people because they know the effects of too much caffeine which eventually leads to aggravates stress, causes insomnia, elevates blood pressure and leads to addiction.

2. Do you agree or disagree that caffeine should be considered a "recreational chemical"?  Why or why not?

Caffeine is considered a “recreational chemical” because 60% of Americans believe it to be so. This is true in that it has become a scourge or a tonic to most. Though coffee not necessarily hurt but in some ways it may even help. However caffeine should be drunk in the right way in that it should be consumed in small quantities throughout the day. Too much will lead to jitteriness and sleeplessness .Blood pressure will become elevated. The key is moderation .As it has been said, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”.

3. The writer uses several casual or informal words--buzz, rap, and detox.  How does the use of these words change the essay or your perception of the author? 

The writer seems young but is knowledgeable about the subject matter. He will be able to reach a young crowd of readers with his modern use of words which are commonly used in younger circles these days. The use of these words does not change the essay in any way nor does not retract from the meaning that he wants to convey. In fact it has made it more effective and easier to understand.