Managing Resources & Operations

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Managing Resources & Operations

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Bit Technology Inc. is a new company, and they have made a decision to enter into the global market. If the business is a high-tech manufacturing company, then they will want to make sure the country has the needed resource in which they need to produce their product (Advameg, Inc., 2012). This is important to the business, because without the resources the business will be left struggling Trying to import the materials. The whole reason for entering the global market is to make more money, and by importing needed supplies the business may end up paying out more on imports.

The business should also consider how the building is going to be laid out. One of the main considerations that the company will need to address is if the building will be able to handle the flow of the production. They will also need to know if there is ample storage space to store the materials. The number of employees should also be address. The facility should be able to be a comfortable work environment. Another factor the business will want to know is if the infrastructure is able to handle the businesses production. Often foreign countries are poor and if this is the reason the infrastructure of the country may be weak. There may not be ample electricity or even internet conections. If this is a high-tech business all of these resources are need.

When an individual is look upon, their first image is what influences the way a person is perceived. The same is with a company. If Bit Technology is identified as a High-Tech business, that has always produced a high quality product, then there is a certain level of excellent they will need to keep (Bianca, 2012). This is what influences the company’s perception; their high quality products. This also may be a sign that the structure within the organization will be just as good, and their communication level are high standards.

When going into another country there are legal factors that need...