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The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis

Hardy, Kathy

Week one Individual Assignment


October 31, 2012

Dr. Joyce Mackey

The subject that will be discussed in this paper will be the place for diversity multimedia analysis. In this paper there will be three specific examples cited that came from the individuals presented in the Myplace multimedia. Also noted in this paper will be descriptions of various characteristics, which encompass components of diversity. In conclusion of this paper, I will analyze my tendency of judging other people simply based on their superficial characteristics.

The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis

Diversity refers to the ways in which people are different (Bucher, 2010). These include cultural, group, and individual differences. A person must have the competence to identify, comprehend as well as adjust to these differences because these differences play an important part in diversity consciousness. According to (Bucher, 2010), diversity consciousness is a person completely fully aware or sensitive to something.

Diversity is defined as an expression that has an effect on each person, group, and culture, and this is just simple ways in which individuals are different. According to (Bucher & Bucher, 2009, chap. 1) diversity consciousness is our ability of distinguishing and adjusting to differences. The “My Place” multimedia is a unique tool that demonstrates just how we as humans have a tendency to place labels on other people just how he or she may look. However, after the simulation, a person can learn easily that when given a short bio of somebody it do not at all times permit him or her to match an individual with to the bio.

Examples presented in the multimedia

For the minority of the simulation, I match a number of the individuals; however on several of them it was merely a guess. I was unable in reality read the brief bio and...