Criminology Seminar 1

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Unit 1 seminar: Ethel Grigsby

During the unit 1 seminar we discussed the requirements of the course and how we could gain the best information by participating in this course. You spoke about the requirements for the discussion questions, exams, and journals that are due every week in this course. Discussion boards require one post at the beginning of the week and two more before the week closes. We spoke about doing the alternative to attending the seminars and how to go about posting it once we have finished. Some of the students were confused about the exams only being taken once rather than more than once like quizzes. We spoke about the essays we will have to write. You have to have a title page, reference page, and the required pages as well as writing in times new roman, 12 bold font and double spaced. We were told about the rules for writers in the doc sharing so we can better prepare ourselves for the papers we have to write throughout this course. You told us that you were firm but liked things done a certain way and asked if anyone had any questions regarding the information you had went over about the course. You showed a PowerPoint with your contact information and your office hours. We spoke about what we will be studying throughout this unit. The things we will be studying are:

* Criminology

* Classical school

* Positive criminology

* Utilitarianism

* Chicago school

* Trait theories

* Choice theories

* Consensus, conflict and interactionist perspective

The course specifics were re-given to us so we were made familiar with everything required of us throughout this course. We learned that communication is important in order for us to be successful in this course. For the unit exams we were told that each week we had to take an exam so prepare, prepare, prepare. You told us how to access the available tools for us to succeed (Library, writing center, extra extra, etc.). You spoke about the discussion board quality and...