Harbus Case Analysis

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What were the major barriers facing the students in creating the Harbus Foundation and what were the key elements that enabled them to succeed?

The Harbus members were trustees and guardians of wealth which had been generated by Harbus and its boards of management year on year. The management of this wealth was the elephant in the corner for the organisation, as surplus reserves increased. There was a need for the current board to tackle and manage the wealth of the organsiation and ultimately manage the adoption of a new role within its structures. The change would require for a shift in the education, skills & knowledge of the students currently operating as directors along with a change in the student profile for new members. Apart from Rebecca Braun, members where acting as directors based on their interest in journalism not enterprise, investments, social enterprise, foundations, grant aid or wealth management.

Fear was also a barrier which faced the students, the fear of change, uncertainty, and being out of their comfort zone. The current board of Harbus would have to engage a new structure that would remove a buffer and ultimately challenge the organisation and its members.

I believe the key elements which enabled them to succeed where

1) The acceptance by the members that they needed to manage the wealth at their disposal

2) The Acceptance that the task ahead would be a learning process and that in itself was a positive “there would be inefficiencies and the learning in meeting the challenges”.

3) The board’s ownership of the role i.e. “the creation of a foundation, which would be intentionally cumbersome, difficult to manage, a great learning experience, constant maintenance & attention.

4) Addressing skill / knowledge shortage. The board from the outset engaged networks, partnerships and professionals to address their weaknesses. “The Harbus core capability basically is advertising and getting money in for its name – it’s not an investing...