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Where in the World is Disney

Research report of assessment 3a

----advice on the Disney Corporation’s next expansion project

Team number: Team 6 in the Group 8

Author’s name: He Xi VUNO.3884768

Zhang Yucheng VUNO.3884810

Zhou Zhuoer VUNO.3884829

Liang Bingbing VUNO.3884788

Zhang Jingyu VUNO.3884760

Intended recipient’s name: Mr. Min Le

Purpose statement: This is an analysis of finding a city with the selection criteria of Disney from three candidate cities, and list several advices about it with KT.

Requested Date: 17/10/2012

Due Date: 31/10/2012

Executive Summary

In this report, the objective is to find the solutions of Disney expansion problems. Firstly, the team members do the background information research on Disney-Success and its selection criteria. Three candidate cities (Qing Dao, Cape Town and Sao Paulo) are listed with their background information collected from Internet and book. Then, by the method of K.T. Decision Analysis, Sao Paulo is selected as the successful city with some recommendations. Next, the major problems of this city are discussed with solutions by KT. After that, the team members choose “security” as the top problem of Sao Paulo and find the possible solutions by using Duncker Diagram. Finally, the team members decided that Sao Paulo is a perfect goal for next expansion project of the Disney Corporation.

Table of content

Executive Summary I

Introduction 1

1. Disney background issues 1

2. How Disney measures success 2

3. Disney Selection Criteria 2

4. Candidate cities background 3

5. Recommendation for Sao Paulo 4

6. Main problems for Sao Paulo 5

7. KT for main problem 6

Conclusions 9

Appendices III


Disney has been set by expansion in many places in the world as...