Interviewing a Manager

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Interviewing a Manager

David Bores

South University Online

Principles of Management

Professor Margaret Nolan


Week 1: Assignment 4

Interviewing a Manager

I have chosen a management professional in the health care field, who has been in the hospital surroundings for more than forty years. This person has developed many important skills to be a better leader in her profession and the experience possessed by this management professional is staggering. The most important characteristic that I found in this manager is her stance to the fact that there is no day that goes by where you will not learn something new, even as management. This manager had prepared for me a wonderful outline of the needed skills to be the best manager that one could be; here is the responses provided by this professional.

The questions were in an orderly fashion and I presented them as if the interview was merely a questionnaire rather than an interview:

Question (1.): In your opinion, what are the most important characteristics required of a manager?

Response: I must say that the first responsibility to a manager is the ability to control the work force that is at your disposal and delegate the assignments to the appropriately trained personnel. Once you have decided who is best for what job assignment then you need to have a staff meeting to include all of the workers in your department. Here you will encourage and assure the personnel of the goals that are set in front of them for that day or evening; furthermore, always let them know that the assignment given to them was done so for their well established abilities to perform the tasks. Constantly state the importance of the need to be courteous to the patients and understand that these people are relying on the employee to help them with much of their daily routine.

Question (2.): In your experience, what are the most difficult aspects of being a manager?

Response: The most...