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1. My goals for my education:

Short-term: I am going to make sure this year I will ask more questions about where I do not understand in the class. I also want to get A for all of my fundamental classes during this year.

Intermediate-range: I have to finish at Rockford College and get my degree with a high GPA. Then, I still have a lot of work to do in order to get a good greed in GAMT. So, I will be able to apply a good school for master degree. I am probably going to get CPA even though I am not accounting major because it helps me to a better job.

Long-term: hopefully, I can graduate from graduate school and get my degree with some working experiences.

My goals for my career:

Short-term: to get an internship or full time job so I can enhance what I have learned from school. Therefore, this job mush related to my major.

Intermediate-range: I will spend couple of years in this company and try to maximize this career potential for this particular job. Then think about stepping into another position and become independent financially.

Long-term: Trying my best to achieve the highest position in this company. Once I complete most of my long-term goals, I would think about establish my own business based on my professional experiences or plan the second career based on my abilities.

2. For wages or salary, I do not have a specific number for that. But I would give a reasonable expectations about how much the job and my- self worth to ensure I would get paid a fair salary for each of the various time frames.

3. I would chose for profit firm to work because I think for profit firm has a larger scale of opportunities and more types of work even though not for profit firm has more social responsibilities.

4. I would prefer Accounting and then management.

5. I think I would choose smaller company as my first step when I first come to work because I can learn things quicker and get promoted faster. After I accumulated enough experiences, I would prefer...