Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice

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Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice


One of the cultural diversity in criminal justice is in the issue of the death sentence. This paper is going to observe and distinguish the various aspects of the death penalty as well as some comparison of the differences and statistics of how more Minority inmates are actually on death row than of White inmates. This paper will go over DNA results and how technology has saved some inmates from incarceration inmates released. In this paper, DNA displayed with the percentages of each race’s results of the death penalty. In addition, it will explore the research that states have done on revisiting the death penalty’s pros and cons. Women in general along with African American women including a deterrence method of approach written further into the paper. Reemphasis and an appeal to the reader will be included in the final part of the paper with the conclusion.

Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice: Racial Disparity in the Application of the Death Penalty

It is a known fact that has been written in legal form that there are great discrepancies concerning the death penalty. Race is a significant role in the decision of the death penalty, (Death Penalty Information Center), verdicts with African Americans being the unfair victims rather than Whites. The numbers show the percentages are greater than that of Whites through the research conducted over the years. How can it be explained why there is racial prejudice in the criminal justice system with the main support for the death penalty? According to Stack (2000), this relationship may be indirect and accounted for by levels of personal authoritarianism, (Dambrun, M. (2007).

Explanation of Racial Discrimination

How can we explain the racial tension in the court system regarding the death penalty? There can only be assumptions from the statistics from research documented. The data retrieved from twenty-three years of research details how murder demographics assist...