Culture Diversity

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Winfrey’s Understanding of Japanese Culture

Talia Washington-Winfrey

Rochester College



There are some interesting things that one should know when coming into the Human Service field. You will come across different religions and culture that you might not understand because you weren’t aware of their way of life. Not every culture is the same. I will use this paper to get a better understanding of the Japanese culture and explaining their way of life and how it is different than life in the U.S. Japan has engaging gender differences and the cultural diversity in non-verbal communication. It begins by looking over gender variations in body language and the different uses of gestures and posture in comparing the Japanese and American cultures. Nonverbal communication is used in all social settings. Many times nonverbal communication is not seen for its real definition.


When you decide that you want to go in the fields of Social Work, Psychology, or Criminal Justice. I think there needs to be a clear understanding of what population that you want to work with. I believe that working with clients of different cultures, you’re bound to come across it. An understanding of communication is an essential element when attempting to form good relationships. Communication is a key factor for cultural understanding. Each of these components influences one another in more ways we can imagine. Language is perhaps the most important element in communications. But that is not only the most important element of in communication due to the process in which culture and communication influence each other. Japanese cultural etiquettes can determine the appropriate expression for the language. “Real life observations of people who get in trouble for not following the appropriate etiquettes can indicate how something is said and may weigh more importance than what is being said”...